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HID-Energy Saving Excavator
Keywords: Efficient excavator, Energy saving excavator.

Technical Parameters: 

 Bucket capacity  3.2m3
 Bucket arm cylinder  Φ 190
 Bucket cylinder  Φ 170


Energy saving excavator has a hydraulic system independently developed, improved and optimized by the HID company, it saves energy up to 50% when it is combined with energy storage and energy-saving technology, the excavator can be equipped with a bucket with doubled capacity compared with the same machine and to its work efficiency can be increased by 100% with the same power. It can greatly shorten the construction period and improve efficiency for all projects. For end users, the payback period is shortened, if a high energy saving excavator is used, all the investment costs can be recovered in a year and a half, the return on investment is increased substantially.

1. The machine is equipped with a 3.2 square-meter bucket; both the bucket capacity and the work efficiency are doubled compared with a standard excavator.
2. The boom is supported by 3 cylinders and equipped with double energy storage cylinders, so that it can quickly lift up the bucket during excavation.
3. Standard cylinder with larger diameter, the bucket arm cylinder diameter is Φ190, the bucket cylinder diameter is Φ170, the digging force is increased by 30%, and the excavation is powerful.
4. Automatic oiling system can automatically lubricate all the lubrication points of the whole machine during work to increase the service life of moving parts, this can avoid the waste of time in manual lubrication, reduce driver’s labor intensity, and improve work efficiency by over 10%.



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