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HID-Soft foundation multifunction machine
Keywords: Multifunctional machine, Soft foundation machine.

Soft Foundation Multifunction Machine

The  soft foundation multifunction machine is a multifunction machine which is developed by Shandong Haohai Dredging Equipment Co., Ltd. and Nanjing  Conservancy Science Research Institute and Nanjing Tian Hai Lan Cheng Ecology Dredging Engineering Co., Ltd. in two years. The patent equipment has been protected. The machine has a walking system, excavator working head, multifunction working case, operation platform, operation system, electrical system, hydraulic control system. The walking system meet the needs of walking smoothly on the shallow water sludge area. It is a multifunction piece of construction equipment as the common machines can’t enter into the soft foundation working areas.

Served as the most advanced sludge solidification processing multifunction machine and cooperated with solidification equipment, it is suitable for port construction, extension, terminal desilting, dredging, marsh desilting, solidification, rotary digging pile driving and so on. It is also can be used in land reclamation, beach roads, and shore piling.

The multifunction case is equipped with several advanced patent technology home and abroad: High Pressure Jet Grouting Pile Driver, Sludge Solidification Processing System, High Pressure Dredger Pump. It also can be added more different working equipment. To know more functions about the machine, please feel free to contact us. 


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