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HID-Customized cutter suction dredger
Keywords: Chinese dredging supplier, Cutter suction dredger.

Our cutter suction dredger is designed with advanced Australian NEUMANN technologies combined with our company's many years of practical experience. This dredger is a new type of environmentally friendly dredger carefully developed from our company and carries several patent applications.

Scientists confirmed in their studies that: an underwater mud pump which has increased suction port density and is not restricted by cavitation performance can increase its suction density without increasing the flow rate and the pump efficiency, this is currently the best way to improve the efficiency of the dredging, with a concentration of 1.5-2 times of that of in-cabin pumps. It has a much better efficiency with the same power as other pumps. 

- This steel cutter suction dredger can work and park in urban rivers and enclosed Class-A or lower offshore waters. 

- The design and production of the dredger are in line with China's inland vessels ZC standards. It can be disassembled and transported in containers.

- This dredger applies to class III soil excavation and transport in dredging projects as prescribed by China Ministry of Water Resources. 

- The submersible pump is directly driven by an electric motor, and has a separate watertight compartment with cooling function. 

- The dredger can be directly connected to an external power network to operate, and can also be driven by a standby generator located within the cabin; this increases the product flexibility. It does not use any hydraulic pipe, with effective environmental effects. The hull is composed of the main cabin and the side hulls.

- The size of the boat allows road and rail transport of the dredger. Bolt flanged connection is used in connecting the side hulls and the deck of the main cabin, and in connecting the front part and rear part of the boar. This allows rapid disassembling.

- The best practical conditions: it can be directly connected to the dressing platform, directly connected to the sand selecting platform, and it can be used for dredging and sand pumping from a distance up to 1200 meters. In this way, it can get the best profit value.

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