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Clay Emperor
Keywords: Amphibious multipurpose dredger, Clay Emperor.

This amphibious multipurpose dredger is very similar to "Watermaster". Shandong Haohai Dredging Equipment Company has patent for "Clay Emperor" and we are the only Chinese dredging company that provide this dredger. Clay Emperor Dredger can achieve "one machine, all application". Versatile function includes raking, piling, backhoe dredging, cutter suction dredging and more. 

Clay Emperor is suitable for shallow water dredging in coastal beaches, inland lakes, rivers, urban rivers, canals, reservoirs, and industrial settling ponds and more. It has excellent versatility and flexibility, so it is a rare good helper in projects related to water conservancy and environmental remediation which are promoted and strengthened currently by our country at present.

I.Multi-purpose in multi-fields  

a. Dredging in urban and rural lakes and ponds

b. Comprehensive control of small water systems

c.Irrigation and water conservancy construction 

d.Flood rescue works  

e. Sludge environment protection projects

f. Comprehensive treatment of wetlands and reed marshes

g. Dock conservation and broadening

h. Construction of water projects under other harsh working conditions

II.Description of main performances 

a. Integrating backhoe dredging, cutter suction dredging, and piling functions. 

b. It can do the following independently without the help of other devices: Going in and out of waters, sailing on waters with its own propelling system. 

c. Discharge distance is up to 1500 meters, can be combined with a boosting transmission pump. 

d. Can independently change work position and anchoring without the need of winch or cables. 

e. Its work and movement are not restricted by draft (suitable for amphibious operations).  

f. It is designed with unique front and rear four-point hydraulic balancer to ensure smooth operation of the whole machine.

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